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Distinguished Alumni

  • Chang, George Tsan-hung (1936~), Politician, Ph. D. from Rice U. Professor of Chemical Engineering in Cooper Union. Mayor of Tainan.
  • Chai Tong-rong (1935~), politician, MA from U. of Tennessee, Ph. D. from U. of Southern California. Professor of Political Science in City, University of New York.
  • Chen Tsing-fang (1936), Painter, art historian, writer, and philosopher, founder of The T.F. Chen Cultural Center in New York City – a non-profit organization focusing on international cultural exchange and a Global New Renaissance, the first Asian to obtain a Ph.D. in Art History from the University of Paris (La Sorbonne), established the “Five-Dimensional Universal Culture” theory and initiated his “Neo-Iconography” art style.
  • Guo, Wei-fan (1937~), Educator, professor, principal, minister of education and envoy. Ed. D. from Université de Paris.
  • Huang, Da-chou (1936~), Politician, professor, Taipei Mayor. Ph. D. from Cornell U.
  • Huang, Yung-wu (1936~), Professor and writer. Two-time winner of National Literature and Arts Award. Ph. D. from NTNU.
  • Lai, Ming-chao (1942~). President of Academia Sinica, University President. Ph.D., Molecular Biology, U of California, Berkeley (1973), Assistant Professor through Distinguished Professor, Dept of Microbiology and Dept. of Neurology, University of Southern California School of Medicine, Los Angeles, California (1973-present), Investigator, Howard Hughes Medical Institute (1990-2003), Distinguished Research Fellow, Institute of Molecular Biology, Academia Sinica (2003-present)
  • Lee, Ang (1954~), Director. Two-time winner of the Academy Award and Internationale Filmfestspiele Berlin. Winner of British Academy Film Award and Golden Globe Awards.
  • Lee, Chen-Yuan (1915 ~2001), Pharmacologist and political activist. Famous for his research on snake venom. Recipient of the prestigious Redi Award from the International Society on Toxinology (IST), former president of the society. Former dean of the National Taiwan University College of Medicine.
  • Lee, Ming-lang. (1936~). Biochemist, Professor, University principal, and Professor of Robert Wood Johnson Medical School. Ph. D. from Miami U. Pediatrician residence in Duke U. Hospital.
  • Ng Chiau-tong (1932~2011), politician, activist of Taiwanese Independence Movement. MA from Tokyo Imperial U.
  • Shih, Chin-tai. (1946~). Professor and President of ITRI. President of Institute for Information Industry, III. Ph. D. from Princeton U.
  • Su, Chun-hsiung (1935~), Professor and Judge of the Supreme Court of Taiwan. Ph. D. of Uni Freiburg.
  • Hung-mao (1950), Politician, Professor, U. of Wisconsin, ROC representative of the United Kingdom. Minister of Foreign Affairs. Ph. D. from U. of Wisconsin.
  • Wang Jin-pyng (1941~), Politician, Incumbent President of the Legislative Yuan since 1999, a leading figure of KMT).
  • Chi-Huey Wong (1948~),Taiwanese-born American chemist and biochemist, professor of chemistry and chemical biology at The Scripps Research Institute; specialized in bioorganic and synthetic chemistry, especially in carbohydrate chemistry and chemical biology; member of the American Academy of Arts and Science in 1996, United States National Academy of Science in 2002 and an academician of Taiwan's Academia Sinica in 1994. Ph. D degree in Chemistry from Massachusetts Institute of Technology; taught at Texas A&M University. Pioneer in glycoscience research, developed the first enzymatic method for the large-scale synthesis of oligosaccharides and the first programmable automated synthesis of oligosaccharides.
  • Xie, Ming-you. Best Male Singer of Taiwanese, 28 th Golden Melody Award.