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Enrichment Program of the Math-and Science-gifted Class

The curriculum of the math-and science-gifted class is enriched with a weekly four-hour Seminar on math, physics, chemistry, earth science and biology. The students choose the subject of their interest each school year and then either conduct a study or research theories and explore in-depth questions with the guidance of experience teachers.

When opting to do a study, the student first explores topics of his interest and then discusses with the topic to narrow down a topic for study. Then he will go through steps such as forming questions, defining factors, designing the experiments, conducting the experiments, gathering data, coming up with results, drawing figures, quantification, qualification, forming models and presenting the project at the science fairs.

In the group that explore in-depth theories, the students prepare themselves for various competitions such as National Science Ability Competition and Olympiads of various subjects and scales. They not only study advanced theories but also practice and conduct experiments to facilitate the understanding of the theories.