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TNFSH Profile

2022-23 Tainan First Senior High School Profile Tainan First Senior High School
  • Address:No. 1, Sec. 1, Mintzu Rd., Tainan, Taiwan 701, R.O.C.
  • Phone:+886-6-2371206
  • Fax:+886-6-2348972
2019-20 Tainan First Senior High School
  • CEEB code:694546
  • Main office:+886-6-237-1206~9
  • Counselling office:+886-6-235-8173
  • Principal:Tsai-ku, Liao
  • School counsellors:Yang-yuan Lin, Guan-ju Hsi, Wen-chi Wu, Li-hsin Huang

Spanning 2191.65 square kilometres, the Greater Tainan School District serves the educational needs of the Greater Tainan Area and parts of the Greater Kaohsiung and Chiayi Areas. Located in one of the country's fastest growing areas, the district enjoys a diversified economic base. Currently, the district consists of 45 high schools, 78 middle schools and 209 elementary schools utilizing a 1–6, 7–9, 10–12 grade-level configuration.


National Tainan First Senior High School (henceforth TNFSH) is a comprehensive three-year public high school accredited by the Ministry of Education of Taiwan, Republic of China. The school opened in the fall of 1922 and graduated its first senior class in the fall of 1925.

TNFSH enrols 2,194 students in 57 classes in grades 10–12 in school year 2022. The one science class in each year is one of the only nine science classes in Taiwan that select 270 students out of 210,000 of the year. The science class is sponsored and regulated by the Ministry of Science and Technology and is taught a customised math and science curriculum in the first two years. The students then take college subjects such as Calculus, General Physics, General Chemistry, Biochemistry, Physical Chemistry, Electromagnetics, Local Flora in National Cheng Kung University, which is in partnership with TNFSH.

The language-gifted class selects 30 students with language talent and the math and science-gifted class selects another 30 from the approximately 25,000 test takers in the Greater Tainan Area.


There are 141 full time, 18 part time teachers, 2 special education teachers and 35 administrators. Among the full-time teachers, 4 hold a doctorate, 104 hold a master’s and 33 hold a bachelor’s degree. 5 of the part-time teachers hold a doctorate and 7 hold a master’s and 6 hold a bachelor’s degree. 1 of administrators holds a master’s and 28 hold a bachelor’s degree.


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